your grace grotesquely crumbles

angel death


your grace crumbled
into grotesque flakes
as your fingertips slashed
my tender silken face
with rage and vengence,
that drench my frail child-spirit

steeped in self-loathing,
you infected me –
my gauzy soul
on your poisoned barbs
of hatred and lusty greed

once, i loved you –
worshipped you, adored you
and darkness
eviscerated my heart
as i watched this adoration stream past
your inert, stoney heart

my trembling eyes splinter
into a thousand tears
when i look upon your face –
my reflection – in the looking glass
you, who deserted my child-trust –
remain, achingly, ever present

this dark riverbed of adoration
that flowed in my viscera for you
has dried up; my heart —
which once glistened sublimely inside yours,
now lies in eternal anguish:
dessicated, petrified, searingly denuded

your grace crumbles
into grotesque flakes
of grief, rage and greed,
soaked in the brine of remorse
you beg, like i did, for a morsel of mercy
but — i will STARVE you of forgiveness


About vacantgurl

i sometimes work in my pyjamas, bite ice cream and ride polar bears. okay, maybe not that last thing.

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