notes on loving a sociopath (part 3)

image by mr. nixter via flickr

image by mr. nixter via flickr

Last night we listened to Norah Jones. When the song Sunrise began playing you told me that’s the song which got you onto Norah Jones. And then, and then, this morning I awaken to the most breathtaking sunrise. The sun creeps up in the eastern sky, behind a bank of bare trees, looking like a fiery, pink orb. So pretty, that pink orb, I could lick it if it were wrapped in plastic or planted on the end of a lollipop stick. Sunrise. What a lovely beginning.

In my western viewpoint, I can see the lagoon, the sand shingle and the great waters of the English Channel. And, sometimes, when the wind blows just so, I can hear the waves smashing and crashing and thrashing against the shores. The Channel waters, they seem so ferocious, that sometimes ~ particularly at night ~that the flow of the tide sounds like a distant, rolling thunder.

What a lovely spot we find ourselves in, as we rise early this morning: sandwiched between the pink glowing orb rising quietly in the sky, and the ferocious green waters of the English Channel. A bird of prey hovers overhead, and the sound of birdsongs dance in the frosty morning air.


The sun ~ that pink, fiery globe ~ sinks further and further into the pocket of indigo-tinged clouds that shroud the horizon. A think ribbon of pink fringes the indigo horizon veil. The waters of Chesil Beach lie still as if in waiting. Waiting for what? Perhaps for morning. I cannot see the waters of the lagoon from my present seat. But, if I go to the door I see it ~ looking like a flat-laid looking glass. And the shingle that separates the lagoon waters from the English Channel. The eastern sky still appears a faded cyan colour. And the western sky has turned a deep hue of baby blue. It’s still quiet here, save for the trailing, lingering birdsong. As I ponder what we did today ~ eat Greek food, post some letters to North America and explore Weymouth ~ I barely notice that the sky has dissolved into a radiant mix of mingled pinks, mauves, and indigos, blending into a midnight blue. I feel sorry that our time here has come to a close, for a few days. Now it’s back to Crewkerne.


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