thru my eyes

slices of sunlight

slices of sunlight cast themselves onto the balcony wall and the light wraps itself all around. the sunshine brushes my face with the tenderness of a lover’s lips. embedded in that moment, a baby’s soft cry, the hum of traffic from a nearby Granville Street, the gentle clanging of bamboo chimes and the song of a single starling swirl themselves into an indescribable symphony. I sit here, half in the shadow, half in the sunlight, bathing in sounds that pulse, like my own insatiable heart does. and just when I feel like the words will begin to dry up like an alcohol swab that’s been exposed to the air for too long, they do. only to have new ones swim up and into their places. a plane growls overhead; the growling grows loud like a plane does when it comes in for a landing. a landing. yes, because today, right now, in this moment, I feel grounded. grounded by something  high above me ~ that very hot, large star way up there. grounded by the things I see, smell, touch and taste around me. grounded by these words that somehow made their way onto this screen.


About vacantgurl

i sometimes work in my pyjamas, bite ice cream and ride polar bears. okay, maybe not that last thing.

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