I have had an artistic streak my entire life. As a little grrl I loved making cards for people. Often just because. And colouring. And drawing things. Then I became a proper grown-up, and had to abandon such nonsense. Or so I thought. With the dawn of the digital era, I rediscovered my passion for creating. It never seemed enough, somehow. I never really felt fully connected to my work.

Then I found myself in an art therapy class, exposed to so many different art media and modes it spun my head right round. And then I purchased a simple sketchbook and Staedler sketching pencil. I sketched everyday. Everything, all around me. Chaos seeped into my life and I stopped. Until becoming a member of The Art Studio, here in Vancouver. The Art Studio is a studio that offers classes to individuals suffering from mental illness. A beginner’s watercolour class ignited something inside me, but still I lacked the confidence to claim my artist action as my own. I was a sort of closet artist, if you will. Until very recently, when life circumstances circled me back toward creative endeavours. Specifically, art. How many times must the universe speak the same message to me before I hear it? Many, many times. Trust yourself, Roxanne. The answers are within.

And, so, here it is, my growing body of work.

At the moment, it seems quite random and in-cohesive. But I am in the process of developing a body of work for a possible exhibition. My focus will be on mental illness ~ depression, bipolar, PTSD ~ and healing, and womanhood: things I know a lot about because they’re my lived experiences.

If you would like to share your art with me, stories of your creative journey, or your experience with depression, bipolar disorder and healing, pleaseĀ visit my about page.


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