what i’m working on



I’ve recently received word that my dear dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and will be going into a nursing home as soon as they can find a place for him. Everything has sort of fallen away. And new creative endeavours clamour for me to bring them to light ~ inspired by this recent turn of events, also by the deep depression that has followed, seeping into the fabric of my being to like a thick, dark, indelible ink.

the long goodbye: the story of my dad and his descent into the Alzheimer’s abyss, told from the alternating perspective of my mum and me.

about a grrl (tentative title only): a collection of watercolour paintings for a possible upcoming exhibition.

notes on loving a sociopath, a 15 part series. written in a second person POV, it recounts the course of a very passionate, stormy and abusive relationship. the complete series is now up. i’ll post this series in its entirety on Wattpad sometime soon.

shifting, a work in progress that describes the slow but steady deterioration of a marriage. a work-in-progress, and so updates irregular, i.e. as and when i write them.

postcards from the shower, a short piece that takes you into the chaos that reigns in my bipolar type 2 mind.

taking up space, an e-course for women seeking to improve their relationships with their bodies.

taking up space: you don’t have to take up less space to be worth more, a book in its embryonic form to compliment the e-course.

let her eat cupcakes (because cupcakes fix everything): a book about my relationship to food and my body.



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